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     Kunda Yu is a highly accomplished composer specializing in visual media. With over 8 years of experience in music creation, he has composed for short films, featured films, and video games. Kunda's commitment to his craft is to help convey the emotions of the film to the audience through his expressive music, specializing in emotive themes and horror scenes.

     Kunda's works have been presented in numerous film festivals worldwide, including Rhode Island Film Festival, Sundance, and World Film Carnival Singapore. He received his Bachelor's degree in concert music composition, and he always embraces new sounds and techniques to refresh audiences' ears in terms of timber. Kunda is a big fan of incorporating extensive techniques from classical music into modern film scores.

     In addition to his creative work, Kunda is a professional audio engineer who excels in both live and studio environments. He has recorded vocals for freelance singers, run live shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, and mixed music festivals.

     Overall, Kunda's diverse skills and dedication to his craft make him an exceptional composer and audio engineer for any project.

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