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Xunxun Wang

Xunxun Wang is a highly trained music editor and singer, holding a master's degree from NYU's renowned Film Scoring program. With a deep understanding of all aspects of producing a successful film score, Xunxun is able to expertly communicate with clients and bring a director's vision to life through music.


Throughout her career, Xunxun has been praised by almost every director she has collaborated with as a "well-communicated" music editor who understands how to translate a director's needs into music. Her skills in communication and collaboration have allowed her to build strong relationships with directors, producers, and other key players in the film industry.


Xunxun's passion for music began at a young age and she has honed her skills over the years to become an accomplished composer and music editor. She has a keen ear for sound and is able to create evocative soundscapes that heighten the emotions and drama of any scene.


In addition to her expertise in music editing, Xunxun is also skilled in arranging and conducting live recording sessions. Her attention to detail and ability to work under pressure have made her an asset to any production. Her credits include work on feature films, documentaries, and television shows.

When she's not working on film projects, Xunxun enjoys collaborating with other artists and exploring new musical genres. Her diverse musical background and experience make her a versatile and creative force in the industry.

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